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Alexia Putellas is celebrating her goal for FC Barcelona

Alexia Putellas’ success is not only due to her technical abilities but also to her incredible work ethic and determination. She is known for her commitment to constantly improving her game, both on and off the pitch. Additionally, her leadership skills and ability to motivate her teammates have played a crucial role in FC Barcelona’s success. As a result, she has become a role model for many young players aspiring to make it to the top of their game.

The FC Barcelona advanced midfielder combines excellent passing and shooting technique with an amazing understanding of the spaces and the game. In this analysis, we focus on how she uses her perception, first touch and selection of passes to win matches.

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FC Barcelona Femení is undoubtedly one of the most successful and admired women’s football teams in Europe, renowned for their fluid, attacking style of play. At the heart of their success lies the exceptional talent and leadership of Alexia Putellas, who has cemented her reputation as a formidable force in the advanced midfielder position.

Alexia’s offensive game is a sight to behold, thanks to her remarkable perceptiveness and strategic thinking. Her ability to read the game and assess the positions of her direct opponents, the ball, and the available spaces is a testament to her exceptional vision and awareness. Additionally, her focus on maintaining a good body angle and constant head-turning allows her to stay one step ahead of the opposition, consistently finding opportunities to create scoring chances and outmaneuver her opponents.

alexia 1


Her exceptional perception on the pitch not only helps her identify free spaces but also enhances her first touch, a crucial skill in modern football. With a keen eye for detail, Alexia uses her awareness of the game to guide her first touch towards the open spaces, ensuring that she is in full control of the ball and ready to progress forward.

What sets Alexia apart is her impressive ability to use both feet to execute her first touch, providing her with a range of options when it comes to maneuvering the ball. Additionally, her body angle and quick footwork before receiving the ball allow her to maintain balance and control, even under pressure. Alexia’s first touch is not just a defensive move, but a valuable offensive weapon as well. Her quick and precise first touch enables her to turn and face the opposition’s goal, giving her a strategic advantage over her opponents. With her exceptional technique and positioning, Alexia can choose to progress with the ball, shoot or pass with precision, giving her team a much-needed edge in any match.

Alexia Putellas (FC Barcelona) has the ability to find the free space in the pockets and guide the first touch towards the empty spaces

Alexia – 2. Alexia percepcion y control a espacio libre

Alexia Putellas’ tactical acumen on the pitch is unparalleled, particularly when it comes to selecting the right option in possession of the ball. Once she gains an advantage over her opponents, she has an uncanny ability to read the defensive line and identify the gaps between defenders, which enables her to make split-second decisions on where to pass the ball.

This strategic approach to passing allows her to create valuable scoring opportunities for her teammates, who benefit from her pinpoint accuracy and game-changing vision. Her ability to discern when to pass inside or outside of the gap provides her with an enormous advantage on the pitch, allowing her to keep the opposition guessing and creating space for her teammates to finish one-on-one.

Alexia Putellas (FC Barcelona) understands very well when to pass the ball inside the defensive gaps to provide advantage to her teammates

Alexia – 3a. Alexia control to free space y pase en ventaja

Alexia Putellas (FC Barcelona) has the ability to see when the gaps between players are closing and pass the ball outside the gap to provide advantage to the teammates who make the runs

Alexia – 3b. Alexia percepcion y pase en ventaja

In addition to her exceptional skills in possession of the ball, Alexia Putellas’ ability to read the game and create space for herself and her teammates off the ball is equally impressive. When not in possession, Alexia remains alert to potential gaps and imbalances in the opposition’s defensive line, which she uses to her advantage to create scoring opportunities.

Alexia’s off-the-ball attacking skills are particularly valuable when her teammates have the ball and are looking for additional options in the attacking third of the pitch. Her strategic positioning and ability to read defensive lines enable her to make incisive runs into the open spaces, providing valuable passing options to her teammates. When she gets in the box, Alexia’s clinical finishing and exceptional vision come to the fore. Whether it’s taking a shot herself or setting up a teammate for a chance, Alexia’s ability to create scoring opportunities is second to none. Her ability to read the game and exploit gaps in the opposition’s defense has made her a formidable attacking force on the pitch, and a key player in FC Barcelona Femení’s continued success.

Alexia – 4. Alexia ataque intervalo CT-LAT

Alexia Putellas is the perfect example of a modern advanced midfielder, possessing a unique blend of technical ability, game intelligence, and leadership qualities. With her exceptional passing and finishing skills, combined with an unmatched understanding of the game, Alexia is a constant menace to opposing teams, exploiting gaps in their defense and providing crucial assists to her teammates.

Her ability to read the game and make intelligent decisions in the final third of the pitch is what sets her apart from other players in her position. Her exceptional first touch, coupled with her strategic positioning, enables her to create space for herself and her teammates, providing a constant threat to the opposition’s defense. Overall, Alexia Putellas is a rare talent in the world of football, possessing a unique combination of technical ability, game intelligence, and leadership qualities that make her an invaluable asset to FC Barcelona and a role model for young players around the world.

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