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How can I become a member of the Ekkono Coaches Academy?2023-04-25T11:17:12+02:00
It’s very easy!  To become a member you just need to follow this link, choose the plan that suits better your needs (Essential or Premium) and complete your registration! Your first 15 days are Free.
What is included in the membership?2023-04-25T11:17:08+02:00
The membership offers weekly releases of the Ekkono Performance SecretsTraining Drills based on the Ekkono Method, exclusive access to Live & Recorded Webinars, access to Online Workshops, monthly Private Meetings with Ekkono Licensed Coaches, our two e-Books “The Ekkono Method: The history of a successful football model” & “Ekkono Identity: The invisible part of success”, Tactical Video Analysis of the best matches & competitions, and Special Discounts for our online courses & other products!
What are the Ekkono Performance Secrets?2023-04-25T11:17:05+02:00

The Ekkono Performance Secrets are individual concepts based on players’ position. They are obtained by the Ekkono Method Lab (Barcelona, Spain), after years of analysing the best football matches at the top competitions (UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup, UEFA EURO, Spanish LaLiga, English Premier League, etc). This analysis is based on over 1,000 matches of the best players in the world by position and extracted conclusions based on their performance.

Now, these conclusions are shaped into 10-15 minutes videos, explained by an Ekkono Licensed Coach. The secrets are released weekly and include an extensive theoretical explanation, video clips from professional players applying the concept and a proposal of training drill to work on that concept.
When I register I need to fill in my credit card details. Will I be charged immediately?2023-04-25T11:17:01+02:00
No. There will be no charge applied during the first 15 days of your membership. Credit card details are asked in order to activate your subscription but you will not be charged during the trial period. You can cancel anytime during the trial period for free.
What difference there is between the Essential and the Premium membership?2023-04-25T11:16:57+02:00
Both memberships are great and suit different needs. They both include the Ekkono Performance Secrets, Training Drills and access to Live & Recorded Webinars. The biggest difference is that the Premium membership includes a Private Monthly Meeting with one of our coaches to help you understand better the content, solve your doubts or even ask questions about different topics related with football.

Premium members also have to opportunity to attend to Quarterly Online Workshops, where an Ekkono Licensed Coach will introduce a topic and guide the users through different activities. This type of learning is more significant, as the user must apply the concepts he/she just learned. Premium members will also have access to 5 Online Courses (Pulisic & Ekkono’s IPPP Program, The Ekkono Method Pillars, How to Build your own Game Model, Intro. to Indiv. Fundamentals, Intro. to Team Fundamentals). Finally, they will also get access to the Ekkono e-Books as part of their membership.
What will I find in my virtual campus once I register?2023-04-25T11:16:54+02:00
Once you login, you will find the first 3 Ekkono Performance Secrets published and you will receive a new one every week. In addition, you will find 10+ Recorded Webinars and access to the Live Webinars scheduled periodically, 50+ Training Drills separated between Initiation and Specialization/Performance stage, 10+ Video Tactical Analysis of the best competitions performed by Ekkono Licensed Coaches, and the Ekkono e-Books (Ekkono Method & Ekkono Identity) for Premium Members. In addition, you will be able to book seats for Live Events including Monthly Private Meetings with Ekkono Licensed Coaches, for Premium Members.

Every new e-Book / Online Course you purchase, will also appear there. So we have an all-in-one campus for you!
Is there a minimum amount of time I must stay in the membership?2023-04-25T11:16:47+02:00
You can cancel your membership anytime, there is no minimum required time to remain in the membership.
How do I cancel my membership?2023-04-25T11:16:51+02:00

It’s very easy, you just need to email us at hello@ekkonocoaches.com and we will cancel your membership immediatly for you!

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