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Lewandowski: The Goal-Scoring Machine



Robert Lewandowski had quite an impact at FC Barcelona. The Polish striker proved not only his goalscoring abilities but an amazing understanding of the game

In his very first season with FC Barcelona, Robert Lewandowski continues to prove that he is a world-class scoring machine. Lewandowski has been an essential player within Xavi Hernández’s system, while also demonstrating to be a role model and leader for his teammates. In this analysis, we illustrate the major striker principles Lewandowski exercises that allows him to understand the different situations of the game and therefore score many goals.

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The first major principle Lewandowski exercises is focused on his movements in relation to the ball. In more detail, Lewandowski is able to create space for himself by dropping into the “pockets”, a term also known as the space between lines, such as the space between the opponent’s midfielders and the defenders. By preforming this action, Lewandowski is then able to link-up the play along with his teammates through the creation of numerical superiority.

By dropping into the pocket, Lewandowski is also able to create doubts among the defenders, as they become unsure if to follow him or not. If the defenders choose to follow him, this action will create an imbalance within the opponent’s defensive line, hence allowing Lewandowski to take advantage of this new space. Here, Lewandowski is often seen receiving the ball within the pockets and scoring with less difficulty. In other situations, it can be seen that Lewandowski adapts himself to the unique circumstances of the game and decides to create space for his teammates.

1. Link play 2

1. Link play

The second principle Lewandowski follows is the execution of perfectly timed runs. In more detail, when located inside the box, Lewandowski is able to make runs between the opponent’s defenders. This run obligates the defenders to follow him and thus Lewandowski’s teammates are free inside the box, allowing Barcelona to score more goals thanks to rapid, inside-the-box movements and runs.

2. Runs for teammates

The third principle that Lewandowski follows is making runs on the blind side of the defenders to gain a significant advantage over them. Lewandowski is often seen quickly scanning the box and identifying the uncovered area before receiving a pass or cross. This allows him to attack the first or second post with a significant advantage over the opponent’s defenders as he approaches them on their blind side. Throughout Lewandowski’s first season in Barcelona, these types of runs have proven to be very efficient and lethal goal-scoring opportunities.

3. Blind side 2

3. Blind side

Finally, Lewandowski also exercises the principle of anticipation. Specifically, he is able to identify the proper timing of crosses and passes played to him and then anticipate it before the opponent’s defender. He is able to anticipate these actions through the proper change of speed and location within the box, hence giving no reaction time to his opponents.

4. Anticipation

Through the proper execution of these striker principles, Lewandowski has been very successful when scoring goals for FC Barcelona while also allowing his teammates to triumph along him. This results in FC Barcelona having more offensive chance creations and an overall more aggressive style of play.

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