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Girona is currently positioned as one of the most outstanding teams in Europe, exhibiting high-quality football in various aspects, which translates into magnificent results. The catalan side, lead by coach Michel Sánchez is sharing the lead with Real Madrid in the Spanish League, and their matches are a true delight for fans, thanks to the exceptional level of play they show.

Below, we will analyze the key aspects that have contributed to their outstanding performance this season.

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Liquid and Asymmetric Structure

We will start by addressing Girona’s offensive performance, focusing especially on their organized attack play, an aspect that currently captures considerable attention. It is important to highlight that the team implements a system with three central defenders and an asymmetrical distribution. On the right flank, they usually have a more constant wing-back providing width. In inner spaces, there is high mobility and exchange of roles, forming a liquid structure that often creates doubts in the opponents.

In contrast, on the left side, the theoretical wing-back tends to move to inner corridors to generate numerical superiority, leaving one of the forwards to widen the play on the wing. The internal configuration may vary depending on the circumstances of the match and the opponent.

Structure of Girona FC with 3 center backs


Girona often plays in an asymmetric structure with Yan Couto (RWB) providing width on the flank, while Miguel Gutierrez (LWB) is occupying inner spaces.


As we can see in this visual, Miguel Gutiérrez presence in attack is higher in inner channels while Yan Couto prioritizes offering width on the flanks.

Beat the Cover Shadow

This team proposes to play through ball circulation, seeking to find advantages in the game. They aim to start play from the goalkeeper, who has great distribution skills, and through association, they look to bring the ball into the opponent’s area. It is especially significant how they master one of the most important team fundamentals, beating the cover shadow, as their players excel at identifying the player with an advantage behind an opposing defender who leaves the block to defend against the player with the ball.

They constantly seek information on who steps out and who is the open player or which space should be attacked. This empty space, created by the defender who runs forward to press the ball holder, is exploited either by the open player or by using a third man to deliver the ball to the freed player. This tactical approach highlights the team’s collective solutions to overcome aggressive pressure by the opponent.

Girona is beating the cover shadow

Shadow 1 Large

One of the key elements of their game is how they beat the cover shadow, attacking the space behind the player who is pressing the ball holder.

Crossing Situations

Girona FC stands out for generating opportunities through crosses, taking advantage of the technical ability of the players who provide width in outside positions, usually Savinho and Yan Couto. The quick occupation of finishing zones inside the box during these plays significantly contributes to their offensive danger.

They excel in efficiently occupying space in the box and also in second ball zones, showing a smart tactical arrangement to capitalize on crossing situations. Their focus on width and mobility reflects the team’s versatility in creating danger through various offensive ways.

Girona during crossing situations

Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 14.38.16 Large

Girona is very efficient at attacking crossing situations. As we can see, multiple players are attacking useful spaces inside the box and also controlling potential second balls.

Girona during crossing situations

Crossing 2 Large

Ivan Martin (Girona FC) takes advantage of a gap between the central backs of Mallorca and finishes the cross on the near post.

Compact Defensive Block

Defensively, the team organizes in a compact pressing block, with all players committed to the defensive task and no players left upfield without defensive duties. They avoid leaving spaces between lines and efficiently protect the inner spaces. Although in some situations they leave free space behind them, the defensive line remains alert to possible balls in that direction, anticipating the defense of the space behind them.

The solidarity in the defensive effort is notable, and their collective focus translates into a cohesive defense. This defensive strategy allows them to recover numerous balls and, on several occasions, initiate dangerous transitions. The presence of fast and vertical players in outside positions, such as Savinho or Tsygankov, enhances this phase of the game and allows them to exploit counterattack opportunities effectively.

Defensive Blog of Girona FC

Defense Blog Large

As we can see in this example, Girona FC is defending in a compact yet aggressive defensive block with Savinho (LW) ready to press.


Girona is having an exceptional year, exhibiting an extraordinary level of play. It is crucial to highlight how they develop their strategy in each phase of the game. They practice a visually pleasing and highly associative football, providing constant enjoyment to their followers. Coach Michel deserves special recognition for the incredible work he has done with the Catalan team, taking it to the top of the Spanish football rankings. Currently, witnessing Girona’s performance is a true pleasure for football fans.

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