Advanced Team Fundamentals I

20 hours

Why this course?

As a coach, most times we have a general idea on how we want our team to play: we want to press high, perhaps we want to defend low and counterattack or maybe we want to play direct to our striker. However, in order to apply any of those plans with success you must master all the principles behind that way of playing.
In this 20-hour course we are going to dive deep on them, covering all four phases of the game (attack, defense, offensive transition, defensive transition) and providing you with the tools to apply successfully any of the game strategies you use in your team.
You will  explore in detail all team fundamentals distributed by game phase, learning the concepts from each of these fundamentals that will help you to apply them in the games and in training sessions. Also, you will learn and explore the different options of playing by principles or playing by closed solutions, being able to make your own decisions based on your game model and your players.
After taking this course, you will master the team fundamentals in all phases, being able to analyze the game in a collective way and also to train your players to apply them.

What will you learn?

  • Introduction to the concept of Team Fundamentals
  • Understanding of the importance of team fundamentals and how to adapt them from initiation stage to performance
  • ​Detailed explanation of all team fundamentals by each phase of the game: attack, defense, offensive transition, defensive transition
  • Attack: Principles and Fundamentals for positional attack and attack in movement
  • Defense: Principles and Fundamentals for zonal defense and pressing defense
  • ​Defensive Transition: Principles and Fundamentals for transition to press and transition to defend in block
  • Offensive Transition: ​Principles and Fundamentals for open recovery and closed recovery
  • Set Pieces: Principles and Fundamentals for Set Pieces both in Attack and Defense
  • ​Real video examples of Men’s and Women’s professional teams
  • Analysis assignments (voluntary) to dive deep into the correct or incorrect application of TF
  • ​Examples of training exercises to work on team fundamentals with your team

Who is this course for?

  • Head Coaches
  • Assistant Coaches
  • Methodology Directors
  • Academy Directors
  • Academy Coaches
  • ​​Scouts
  • Tactical Analysts

Course Program

  • Introduction to Universal Fundamentals, Individual Fundamentals by Position and Team Fundamentals
  • Differences and discussion about ‘Playing by Principles’ and ‘Closed Solutions’
  • ​Attack Phase: Positional Attack
  • Attack Phase: Attack in Movement
  • ​Defense Phase: Defend to Press
  • ​Defense Phase: Defend in Zone
  • ​Offensive Transition: Open Recovery (and Semi-Open)
  • ​Offensive Transition: Closed Recovery
  • ​Defensive Transition: Towards Pressing
  • ​Defensive Transition: Towards a Block
  • Set Pieces: Corner Kicks, Free Kicks and Throw-ins

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