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Expert in Grassroots Coaching



Expert in Grassroots Coaching

15 hours

Why this course?

This course will allow you to become an expert in youth coaching and the different blocks involved in grassroots coaching such as Methodology, Planning and Basic Fundamentals. The course will be 10 weeks long, with a total of 15 hours of class and 2 additional private sessions to ensure the learnings are consolidated. In addition, there will be plenty of guided activities and homework (optional) that will allow you to practice all the theory you see in class and receive feedback from our professional Ekkono Licensed Coach.

During the course you will learn in detail the basic fundamentals, which be started to work during the initiation stage (U6-U13) and how they should be trained, both in attack (perception, support, pass, first touch, dribble, ball protection, unmarking movements) and defense (track, marking, coverage, individual pressing). You will also learn when all these concepts should be trained, based on the players age and how to plan them throughout the all the years the player is in your academy, how to create training exercises and sessions using the Ekkono Methodology to ensure players are learning how to interpret the game and make the correct decisions on the pitch, and which team fundamentals should be worked during this stage to build a game model based on your players’ game understanding.

After this course, you will be able to make a full planning for the initiation stage of an academy, as well as carrying out effectively the training sessions for each of the age groups. Additionally, you will be able to create your own training exercises following the Ekkono Method methodology, helping your players developing a better understanding of the game.

What will you learn?

  • Planning of Training Content throughout the Initiation Stage (U6-U13)
  • Training Methodology Adapted for Young Players
  • Tools to Build a Game Model Adapted to Players’ Age
  • Offensive Universal Fundamentals: Perception, Support, Pass, First Touch, Dribble, Ball Protection, Unmarking
  • Defensive Universal Fundamentals: Track, Marking, Coverage, Individual Pressing


Specific Methodology for Youth Coaching

The Ekkono Methodology will allow you to design your own training exercises for each key content in the initiation stage.
Learn how to create the right structure-context for players to develop and improve their understanding of the game.

Planning for the Initiation Stage

Learn how to plan, schedule and prioritize the different training content based on the player age, throughout all the initiation stage. Learn how the number of sessions per week, player needs and club’s identity will condition this planning.

10+ Offensive and Defensive Concepts

Obtain detailed explanation on the most important offensive and defensive content that players must learn in their youth.  For each of them, learn the concepts you must teach your players and see practical examples to help prepare your training sessions.

Tools to Build a Smart Game Model

Receive access to the tools that will help you build a game model based on your players’ game understanding. Adapt your game model and the team fundamentals you demand from your players based on their stage and their level, to help them progress and perform.


Who is this course for?

  • Methodology Directors​
  • Academy Directors
  • ​Head of Coaching
  • Youth ​Academy Coaches
  • ​Physical Education Teachers
  • ​Analysts and Scouts


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