Advanced Team Fundamentals II – System 🆚 System



Training Methodology

10 hours

Why this course?

In other courses such as the Individual Fundamentals by Position and Team Fundamentals courses, you learn the concepts you should teach to your players. In this course, though, you will learn how to teach them these concepts so that they assimilate them better and are able to transfer them into matches.

To ensure your players understand correctly the concepts and that they can apply them correctly in the matches, as a coach it is important that you have your own methodology and that you apply it in a consistent way. In this course, you will learn which elements you should use during the different parts of the training session. Also, we are going to show you how to manage the information during the session and give you some behavioural guidelines to apply both in training sessions and in the competition.

In this course, you will learn the Ekkono Method approach to methodology, allowing you to understand the four pillars (Games, Perception, Questions, Concepts) and learn in detail our seven steps to generate a training structure-context.

What will you learn?

  • Relation between Game Model, IFP, TF and Training Methodology
  • ​Methodology adapted to the player stages
  • Organization of the training session and its parts
  • Application of Ekkono’s 4 pillars into your training sessions
  • Detailed explanation of Ekkono’s 7 steps to create a good training structure-context
  • ​Definition of the 4 phases of the game (Attack, Defense, Offensive Transition, Defensive Transition)
  • ​Examples of training exercises and detailed explanation on how to build your own

Who is this course for?

  • Head Coaches
  • Assistant Coaches
  • Methodology Directors
  • Academy Directors
  • Academy Coaches
  • ​Strength and Conditioning Coachess
  • Physical Education Teachers

Course Program

  • Differences between Basic Fundamentals, Individual Fundamentals by Position and Team Fundamentals
  • Detailed explanation of the Ekkono Method approach for training methodology
  • ​Differences between Analytical and Global methodologies
  • ​​Full explanation of the different parts of the training session
  • 7 Steps to generate a training structure-context
  • How to manage information during training sessions
  • ​Training load and how players can absorb the complexity
  • ​Staff Management
  • ​Didactical Solutions
  • ​Other aspects to improve performance


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